Saturday, July 16, 2011

Creativity and design

If you are like me, you love to spend hours and hours (even until 3 in the morning while hubby snors in the background) designing and thinking up ideas to create.  To me it comes naturally.  My brain goes on and on and on in many different directions leading to many different ideas.  Creativity, I believe, comes from God and is something that is part of His character and He has placed it inside of us, His ultimate creations.  To let it flow through me, is an amazing process.  It doesn't matter if I'm writing poetry, a song, designing a card or something on my computer, thinking up solutions to decorate my very small spaced apartment or thinking up stories to write about, if I let it flow it makes me feel like I am reaching my potential and purpose in life.  I am always searching for that ultimate solution or idea that will lead me into the centre of Gods will for my true purpose.

I want to invite you if you are reading this, to explore with me.  Write to me and share your ideas. 

Currently I am learning all about digi stamping and making cards which has been a passion and hobby since childhood (cardmaking that is).  I love every minute of it.  A quick creation that gives you the satisfaction of completion within a couple of hours.

I will be posting my creations on my blog and I am also going to post small challenges that you can participate in.

Love to see your creative responses.

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