Friday, May 4, 2018

Celebrating Sisters Single layout

Hi Friends,

A quick share of a single layout with the Finesse Collection. I had such fun designing this paper collection. Both of us worked on elements of this collection but it was my brainchild. I am so glad we got this launched. I intended to launch it in August 2017 but ended up launching much later. It was suppose to be for Women's Day. I fell ill and could finish it in time. There is so much that goes into getting a paper collection launched, but in the end I was a great success. I am still playing with it. I have made a tone of layouts and TN's and cards with it and because it also has a Devotional kit, I am able to use it in my Dreambook Journal too. It is such a versatile collection. The Simply Pretty pattern papers as just sooooooooooo pretty.

In this layout I wanted to celebrate my sister and used a photo taken last year when we celebrated Ivytree Studio's first birthday.  We haven't celebrated the second one yet, but hopefully will get around to that later in the year.

Currently this collection is temporarily disabled in the store...but only for a short while while we update our new catalog. Some changes will be made to some of the elements in this collection, but you will just have to wait patiently for the big reveal later in the year. We are working consistently behind the scenes on all new product and a whole new catalog and some other surprises too.

In this layout you will see me using mostly paper. The only art elements I aded was a little 
 Green  Daler Rowney Acrylic Artists Ink and Magenta Drawing ink from Dala and my water brush pen. I added some flair buttons from the Finesse Collection and some flower blingies. 

 Check out the bunting and the washi paper strips from the Simply Pretty pack. I just love it. It adds wonderful dimension to the page without it being too much of an effort. 

I hope you try this layout. 

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My handmade Midori Travel Notebook cover

Hi Friends,

I wanted to give you a quick show of one of my handmade Midori covers. 

I am a frugal creative girl and I find it more rewarding to make my own stuff. It is probably the designer in me that have this drive and need to figure things out for myself.  I also love all things shiny and gold, so I added some gold foiling to my dori. I don't think that this in total cost me more than $5 to make. Most of it I had in my stash or studio already, so I can't say exactly how much it would cost me to make one of these, but its not a lot. 

I added a simple Daily Planner to it that hubby bought for me at our local PNA bookstore. I added some paper clips I made and a bull clip as well as a couple of handmade TN inserts made with Ivytree Studio paper. 

I hope you try to make your own. It was such fun doing it. 

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Dreambooking 2018

Dear Friends,

Thanks for popping in. I have been really busy over at Ivytree Studio, so I haven't been able to really post a lot lately. Will be catching up on a couple of projects I have been working on thus far in 2018 and posting here about them. I will try to keep the posts short and sweet. 

Hope you enjoy your stay while here in my little corner of the internet. ;) Leave me a comment or two and lets connect. 


So, are you interested in what exactly "Dreambooking" is?  Well, I have been doing it for nearly two decades and it has helped me so much in my faith journey and relationship with God but also as a Highly Sensitive and Creative person, it has kept me sane and emotionally healthy. I can really reccommend it. 

One of my many creative projects is the "GraceLilly Bible and Prayer Journaling" branch of Ivytree Studio.  I love God's Word and I love expressing it in creative ways. My Dreambooks are one such way. I am not so big on creating art IN my Bible but I do love to decorate parts of it at times. I am not big also on products and technique but more on journaling in a Travel Notebook or Journal about my journey with God or shall I rather say His journey with me.  

Something that is near to my heart is how God's Word is treated. It is not a art surface. It is meant to be studied and read and it is a "Place", a garden to sit still in and hear Him speak to your spirit. Being creative with it, should always be the last step. 


I want to make a difference in this world for my King and so I will be the voice in the desert calling:  Don't use God's Word as just another of your hobby experiments just because you are bored with cardmaking, scrapbooking, planner layouts, general journaling and whatever else tickles your creative fancy AND because the creative industries are now promoting their products and want you to get caught up in tons of art products and stuff that you actually don't really need.  Remember that God's Word is still God's Word and His purpose for it is to reach your heart and for it to live their. If you need to express it creatively to help you memorize and make it part of your life, go ahead. Just treat it with the respect it deserves. 

I also create devotional kits, because I am a teacher and creating content is what I do best and if I can create content that spreads the Word and encourage fellow believers, I will do it. But I want to be clear that this my ministry heart that makes me want to step forward and put something out into the world that honours God. I believe you can use what you have and still be creative. I believe that a little pretty paper, some glue and scissors and maybe some paint or pencils/pens and a journal is actually what you need. 

I use magazine cutouts form Christian magazines and I use the stash that I have.

My devotionals (and I have only created a couple of printables and two devotional kits) are my way of encouraging other women like me, to keep moving forward in their faith. 

You can go to my GraceLilly Wordpress blog to read more about my process. I just thought I would share on my general personal blog a little bit about it. This blog is where everything I do, all my projects, comes together for me. 

I use to work in an A4 journal. Just a normal school exercise book is fine to use. As a teacher that was what I had available two decades ago, when I started on this Dreambook journey.  Keeping things simple and affordable is what will give you the most joy and freedom. Don't think that you need a ton of expensive journals or products to enjoy journaling about God's Word or to create your prayer journals.

This past year I have started using Travel Notebooks. I made my own cover (Midori) and I love making my own little insert Notebooks. I love that I can have several going all at the same time and do different things in them. My process is evolving and growing as I grow and I love that. The smaller version, means I am more mobile and can take it with me wherever I go. That is a real plus for your Faith journey and espesially for your prayer journey. 

As creatives we tend to hop from one project to the next and work on many creative projects at once. Between work, play, rest and our time with God, things can get blurry. So, for me streamlining my personal process to the TN's has helped me be more organized and I have been able to be a lot more creative and purposefull in my journaling. 

When it comes to journaling, it is such a healthy habbit, no matter what you journal about. Especially for Highly Sensitive Artistic types like myself. It keeps us grounded and focussed on possitive and healthy thoughts. It keeps us moving forward also in a productive way.

I can really suggest "Dreambooking" to you. 

Leave me a comment on this post if you are interested in knowing more or drop me a line by completing my contact form to the left in the sidebar. 

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December Daily 2017

Hi Friends,

Just a quick share of my December Daily Scrapbook. Still a work in progress, but I love my book and I love the Project Life way of memory keeping. 

We launched this collection with the new scrapbooks and Pocket Cards set at the end of 2017. Will will relaunch it later this year again for those of you who wanted to try your hand at the December Daily project. 

Pop on over to the Ivytree Studio website and drop us a line by completing a contact form if you are interested in this kit.

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Thursday, February 22, 2018

Soul Mates

Dear Artsy Friends,

Welcome to the new year and a couple of updates to my blog!

A little inspiration for the month of love...

"Soul Mates" single scrapbook layout - Tutorial

This layout is to celebrate our 10th year together. Henry and I where married on 6 December 2008. Can't believe how fast it all went. Up and down and from here to the Middle East and back 3 times.  A lot of adventure and interesting things happened. We are still together and best friends and it feels like we have found our rhythm. I thank God for this amaizing husband of mine..such a big old softy. I love this photo so much...him pulling on my dress like a school boy while holding a bouquette of flowers for me and me blowing him a kiss. I am such a romantic, I know. :) 

Step 1
Create background with palette knife and two colours of craft paint. Add some splashes of Dala drawing ink in another colour. Add splashes of Vegas gold All purpose ink on top of that.

Step 2
Mix gold embossing powder into Dala texture paste. (it gives it a little extra texture and colour). Use your palette knife to add paste to your stencil to add dimension to your background. Before lifting the stencil, add more gold embossing powder. Now lift the stencil. Use heat tool to set your stencil work. If you don't add the extra powder before heat-embossing, it will give a matt effect and won't shine like gold. Mixing the powder into the paste, will only add colour to it and it will end up looking matt. I like both effects. It just depends on how and where you use it. Try out both. 

Step 3
Select your paper for layering behind your photo. Cut flowers from the flower cut page and select your paper elements and page title. Also decide on your paper washi strips you would like to add as a trim. 

Step 4
Decide on your stamp elements and where you would like to place them. I used two colours (dark brown and gold) of embossing powder and clear embossing ink to add my stamped elements. I stamped top left, off-centre right and bottom middle to give me enough space to add my photo. 

Step 5
Altered photo: my photo was a basic printed sheet of paper in sepia colour. I wanted to colour match it to my paper as well as with my original colour photo and wedding dress features. I used a variety of inks to add little colour elements to the photo. I glued it to white cardstock to give it a white frame and used white drawing ink on the frame section to give it a glossy shine like a proper photo would have. I quite liked the end result. 

Step 6
Now you just layer all your paper elements starting with washi strips as trim on the bottom layer and then your paper layers with flowers in between ending with your photo on top. Note: I distressed the paper layer edges with my scissors. I ended off with a little cluster bottom right with little heart people from our Friendship collection, a small clock fase, heart envelope, a little brown paper flair and black sentiment. I first had the page title bottom right but moved it in the end to show off more of my stencil work and stitching. 

Step 7
Stitching - I drew swirlies all over my page and then pierced it for stitching. I used brown  cotton thread, doubled up so it gives me a thicker stitch. The real stitching matched the brown stitches in the Heart People paper element I used. I also stitched around the page title.

Final step:
I ended with a variety of diamante all over the page. 

On my desk

I used:

  • Ivytree Elements Paper from the Love Collection (172)
  • Ivytree Studio Finesse Border and Floral stencils
  • Dala textured paste
  • Americana Acrylic Craft paint
  • Ranger embossing powder
  • A variety of stamps and inks - Dala drawing ink and Vegas Gold All Purpose ink
  • Diamante (my favourite thing!)
  • Brown cotton sewing thread and neadle
  • Piercing tool
  • Metal ruler and craft knife, scissors
  • Adhesives: Heritage Scrapbook Glue
Till next time...

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