Tuesday, August 19, 2014

New little August artwork and a sweet little card

Hi there lovelies,

Just finished another artwork this month. I don't know what I will call her but someone mentioned it looked like she was celebrating that special time in a women's life...I gather she was referring to being pregnant because it is the most special time in my book. Someday soon I hope to talk from experience. Then I gave my artwork another look and why not...sure, she looks like she might be. I didn't really intend for her to be pregnant. Just shows you how people see different things in different artworks.

I have a house-obsession so always trying to add one or two to my art. Maybe it has to do with the fact that I am dreaming of my own dream house or the fact that family means so much to me. 
I also love all the bright colours on this one. Using paper to create a patchwork background in the landscape as well as in the girl's hair represents to me all the different aspects of our lives as women. We have so many things going on, all at once. This girl looks happy with her patchwork life and landscape because God's Grace and Love is the reason everything fits together and blends nicely. She has a purpose and so she is happy and content. 

Thank You card:
My mom did some sewing for me today so I just wanted a quick card to tell her how much I appreciate her. She did it with so much love. 

I used a busy pattern on the cardstock but kept the rest simple. 
I used my Silhouette to cut the vintage sewing machine and the berry wreath. 
I used watercolour paint to distress the wreath.
I layered two pieces of cardstock, one striped blue and white and another that matched the earthy colours in the card. I stitched it to the card with my sewing machine. Mom did some sewing for me so I did some sewing for her. :)

I am a big fan of anything "Project Life" so always collecting images that I can use on my
Project Life layouts. This one is from a collection that had a couple of these either in circles or in blocks. I chose this one because it says what I wanted to say. Will be using it again on Project Life filler cards.
I distressed it with some watercolour and Stickles.

Finally, I embellished with pearls and diamante and a little string. Done!

I just love all things paper. I will probably say this again and again, but it's just such a wonderful medium to work with. I think it is therapy to my soul! Hope you enjoy it as much as I do. This one went quicker than my usual cards. I made a choice not to over-think it and just kept it as simple as I could. 

Happy go Artsy will be at the Willows Night Market on the 29th of August. Come and say hi! We will be showing our art, both Art by Ansu and Surita Brink's art

It is officially Spring in South Africa! The first trees and plants in our garden are blooming and the first rains have fallen. My sister shared this collage of the evidence and I loved it so much I just had to share with you:

Have a blessed week!