Sunday, June 22, 2014

Friendship begins in the Heart Mixed Media Art Retreat

Hi there lovelies,

Winter 2014 Mixed Media Art Retreat 1

As promised, a little post on the winter Art Retreat we are hosting in July 2014.
The venue that we chose is situated just outside Pretoria at the Farm Inn Country Hotel & Wildlife Sanctuary. It is a lovely place that we visit frequently. Quiet atmosphere in nature but still close enough to the city so we do not have to drive too far to reach it. The animals are a lovely treat for city girls like us who didn’t grow up in the great outdoors.

We had a lovely birthday celebration there the other day with some friends and decided to organise an art retreat there. The first of many I hope.

We will be spending the day relaxing together as friends, new and old, young and not so young. In the company of each other, we will be inspired to create something that will release even more creativity. The idea is to de-stress from the noise of everyday life in surroundings that will help accomplish this.

What are we going to create, you may ask? My partner in art, Surita Brink, has designed a special artwork just for this event, that we will duplicate each in our own style.

We are also designing our own paper for this event to be used in the artwork. Using a few mixed media techniques, this artwork is also a must for any scrapbooker. We are keeping the process simple to keep the focus on engaging with each other, our surroundings and to relax.

The theme of this event is Friendship, the meaning of it in our lives and where it begins. I believe it starts in the heart.

I know of many of my friends who have been going through some heavy stress, worries, challenges and even health issues. Life takes its toll. I also have my own story to tell, but I have discovered that through the love of the people closest to me, I have been able to survive and begin to thrive again. It is love that gets you through and we want to encourage friendship among fellow Christian women and artists. We want to share the inspiration that we find from fellow Christian artists and writers and encourage you to be part of a circle of friends that you can love and support.

A song by Jars of Clay, lyrics by Brandon Heath, touched me this week. It just stressed upon my heart how important friendship is, that it is God’s idea, His way of looking out for us. We are sheltered in each other when we realize that our strength is in unity, in loving each other honestly without fear or doubt. When we realize our personal role and responsibility and take it seriously, we will be strong in our relationships. When we do not act out of fear or hide in fear from each other, purposefully cherish the gift of each other and not selfishly looking out just for ourselves, we will grow and we will find a place of rest and hope within our relationships.

Brandon heath lyrics

Please contact us to book your seats. Invite a friend if you know of someone that needs your love, support and care and would also benefit from such a lovely experience.

Hope to see you all there!