Tuesday, January 8, 2013

A new year and a new challenge each day! 2013

Dear all,

Thanks for visiting. This year things are going to change and grow on this blog like crazy! Colourful explosions of art and ideas will be posted here often.  We start off the year with a "Photo-a-day" challenge and a freebie give-a-way! Interested???  Share this blog with all your friends and help me spread the word!

Together with Surita, my sister and best bud, we are doing the "Photo-a-day" challenge for January and so far things are going well. You can play tooooooo!  fatmumslim

Here is the link for the challenge: http://fatmumslim.com.au/photo-a-day-january-2013-inject-a-little-fun-into-your-everyday/

My efforts so far ....

I got so excited with it all that it ended up being collage-a-day instead of just one pic...I'm promising myself not to overdo the rest of this month's pics.  Just ONE a day!

You can also follow my sister's blog and her 'photo-a-day' images: http://allthingslovelyandbeautiful.blogspot.com/

The Freebie

Then to liven up the new year even further, I would like to introduce my first freebie competition.  Share my blog with as many friends as possible.  They have to leave a comment including your name and email address.  The person with the most comments will win a free fine art calendar for 2013 in PDF format (for personal use only).  You can print them out and give them as small gifts but you may not give away the PDF.  Just my way of getting more people involved in what this blog will be up to this year.

We are planning lots of new fine art paintings, markets, two exhibitions, tea parties and craft events and workshops.  We would love to make new friends and fellow queen beez on our way to flying high with our talents this year.  So please share with like-minded ladies who love the Lord and want to live out there art for Him.

'Till next time!