Thursday, April 22, 2010

First starting out

Hi there lovelies,

This is one of my card projects way back when. When I started out, I would play with other people's art and make cards with images I randomly found. I quickly realised that this is not how I would grow my own thumbprint, but it was part of my learning process. As an educator, that is how we teach kids to acquire new skills. First, we demonstrate something to them, we give them the steps and then we let them "play" with projects and submit what they found. In the end, this leads to self-knowledge and then you start with your own work. You use what you have learned from others and then you apply that.

As an artist, I love giving credit where credit is due. This artwork however I don't really remember where I found it or who's drawing this was. I wish I did. I loved the playfulness of it. 

It is really important to artists that they receive the credit they deserve for the work they do. So, next time you use someone else art, give them public credit for it. It doesn't minimise your effort or process. Instead, it gives you more credibility. 

It is OK to admit that you, like most artists, started out copying the work of the "masters" because you were "in training". We all have to start somewhere. The important thing is that you do start. 

So let this be an inspiration to you to start where you are right now and try something new. 

Getting involved in the card making industry (still, a very large industry worldwide…more than 200 printed cards are sold every hour) and home crafts industry:

Making designer cards and handmade cards using all types of medium including paper art, stamping/scrapbooking, painting/drawing with all types of medium, photography and any other mediums for all occasions.

If you have a creative idea, let it work for you.