Thursday, June 8, 2017

My "Precious Moments" - a digital kit

Hi there friends,

Today I would like to share with you a little scrapbook layout a recently completed.

This kit was designed by my sister, Surita Brink, the other half of Ivytree Studio. The kit is called "Precious Moments" and it is a fully printable kit. You can purchase it here

The basic sketch:

My version: 

What I loved most about it is the fact that you can re-print any of the elements any time you want. So if I needed more of the frames, I could print it again and again. I plan to use them in single page layouts too. 

I added some of the other little flags from the Wild&Free Collection to this kit. To tell the truth, I lost one of the stripy flags already cut out at our "Paper Play Date" @ the Botanical Gardens last Saturday.  You know those little bits can get away from you sometimes and you need a back-up plan. No big drama. Just replaced them with flags from the collection I had already cut out at home. 

I changed the layout a little to fit my photos. Kitty cat is my queenie-cat-princess-baby-extraordinaire!   She has a real lady fur coat but is her momma's tomboy GI-Jane. Roams the garden and the next door bush, comes back with fur all tangled sometimes with half the bush attached. Yesterday she came in with a big black soot stripe over her beautiful white face, like those stripes the boys have across their cheeks when they take off their American Football helmets. Feisty little miss!! Well, that is why she is centre stage on this layout. She is about to turn a full two years. Love her so much. She is really a treat and soothes this childless gap in my momma-heart. My family complete with hubby and me on the left, Dad and Mom and Suki (pet name for Surita) on the right. 

I didn't use the green frames but will use them on another layout later. I added some of the little flowers from the Wild&Free collection too. On the large layered flowers, I added some glitzies an Vegas gold All- purpose ink. I also added dots of Anita's 3D glue to flower centres and lined the sentiment with it as well as the little beez and the camera lenze. I only doubled the pink frame and added some gold diamante around Klouye's (my baby's name) photo. I moved the tag to the bottom left of the orange frame and still need to add my journaling. 

On the background before adding all the frames, I used a flower stencil and my pink "cotton candy" Artistry Distress Ink pad from Kcraft that I received as a gift at the Celebr8 event last year. Love those little ink pads cause they have a space to hide your blending foam in and the lids are attached so when you travel with them, your inks are safe. Need to get me more of those. Maybe I'll stock them in our store. 

I loved the ease of this kit. No fuss and so quick!

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Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Restoring an old family Bible

Hi there lovelies, 

Today I am sharing with you a little restoration project. My dad gave me this old Bible that belonged to my grandmother on my mother's side. It is over 100 years old. 

I really loved this project. I used elements from my stash that I have saved for a long time. Sometimes it is time to just use it up and give it a permanent home. 

Decorating this Bible, instead of just letting it gather dust on a bookshelf, was such a labour of love for me. I carry both my grandmothers' names and so honouring the faith they proclaimed and the love they had for God's Word, is important to me. 

I used a variety of items. Some chipboard pieces I decorated with gold ink and glitter. I used paper to cover the front cover. I added a ribbon between the two layers of paper so I can keep everything together with a little bow. 

This Bible now has a place of honour in my little display cupboard safely tucked behind glass with all my other treasures like the communion glasses we used at our wedding ceremony. 

'Till next time