Monday, August 29, 2011

A sneak preview of Saturday's cardmaking event...

Hi there lovelies,

Today I'm sharing the card that we will be making at our little event. I have designed my own templates to put this card inspiration from Kiwi Lane Designs...just love it!   Will make my future cards so much easier to design.  This will be used as part of the demonstration on Saturday's well as other techniques.

'Till next time!

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Our next event on 3 September 2011!!

Hi there lovelies,

This is your formal invitation to our next event. There is only room for 12 ladies, so hurry up and follow the RSVP process before 14:00 on 31 August 2011!!

If there are more than 12 ladies interested, we will book another date in September.  More on this later...

Our charity for this month's event that we want to support is Abba House.  It is a house in Pretoria for babies in need.  The link is available under our charities-list.  Proceeds will go towards a care package.

I can't wait for this event!  I am really excited to know what God is going to do with this.  If we as believers come together and use our gifts, just imagine what we could accomplish.  My inspiration this month comes from Is. 61 ("Beauty for Ashes").  Please read it before you decide to come or not and whom to invite.

Here is the invite:

'Till next time!

Monday, August 15, 2011

Just a little card to say thankyou!

Hi there lovelies,

A small creation at our last creative community event...I used some left over ribbon from my wedding and combined sunflower yellow and plum and lavender colours...lots of layering going on...

Here I am making handmade embellishments to help out a friend with her cupcakes:

'Till next time

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Is Digital Scrapbooking more economical?

Hi there lovelies,

I have been doing scrapbooking for a couple of years now, but it seems like I get stuck when I run out of money and I'm not able to print my photos.  Pictures form the focus that scrapbooking is built around.  When I create a page on my computer, it saves me a lot of time and money.  I can sit next to hubby in front of the TV and design away.  At the end of the evening, I have two lovely pages all finished and when I have money I can print it out for my album.  I can also send it via email or post it to my blog.

Here are my latest designs using various free online kits that I combine to create what I like.

'Till next time

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Creativity and design

Hi there lovelies,

If you are like me, you love to spend hours and hours (even until 3 in the morning while hubby snores in the background) designing and thinking up ideas to create. 

To me, it comes naturally.  My brain goes on and on and on in many different directions leading to many different ideas.  Creativity, I believe, comes from God and is something that is part of His character and He has placed it inside of us, His ultimate creations.  To let it flow through me is an amazing process.  It doesn't matter if I'm writing poetry, a song, designing a card or something on my computer, thinking up solutions to decorate my very small spaced apartment or thinking up stories to write about if I let it flow it makes me feel like I am reaching my potential and purpose in life.  I am always searching for that ultimate solution or idea that will lead me into the centre of Gods will for my true purpose.

I want to invite you if you are reading this, to explore with me.  Comment to this post and share your ideas.

Currently, I am learning all about digi stamping and making cards which has been a passion and hobby since childhood (cardmaking that is).  I love every minute of it.  A quick creation that gives you the satisfaction of completion within a couple of hours.

I have been digging in the archives and found these photos to share with you (Post updated 22 March 2019) We lived in Oman at the time and I made cards for my colleagues. I loved making these and designing them from scratch and then printing and putting it together. That seems to be my process if I look back now and it was a natural progression to what I am doing today at Ivytree Studio.

This is Alison and she is a lovely South African friend who made our time adjusting to the new culture and work environment much easier. I will always remember our first day at the office. Henry borrowed her charger to charge his phone and at the end of the day when she came to fetch it back, she said: "Well, you charged your phone. That is already a successful day" or something to that effect. I miss my friend and wish we could see each other again. She is still in Oman and we are back in SA.

This card was for her birthday and it is more than just a is a whole little scrapbook. 

I tried to incorporate all the things I knew about her and what she loved into this card.

She loves diving

I added a little bookmark

Next up is Nashma. She is a flamboyant American with Latin and Middle Eastern heritage. She has a PHD in folk art and music if I remember correctly. So lots of colour and dancing in this one.  

I made her a hanging poster (laminated) that she could hand either in her office
or in her little apartment (our employer didn't provide much in the way of decoration) 

Next up we have Mark. He is a musician and teacher and is Welch. He turned 60 when we first arrived at Rustaq Collecge in Oman. 

When I look back, I can see how my love of art and design grew over time into what I am living out today. It takes time to grow, so be patient with yourself.