Friday, May 30, 2014

Silhouettes and birds inspired these cards on commission!

Hi friends,

Just completed two more commissioned cards. After receiving a sponsored Silhouette cutting machine from cousin and fellow artist, Jowilna Nolte, I have been inspired to search for designs I would like to cut and use in my art and paper designs. Just love the process. Still learning the how-to and what-not-to about the machine as it is an older model, but lots of fun anyway.

I have found some lovely little things at our local art shop like these helpful cuties:
Have been struggling to keep my glue tip clean and open. Always needing a pin or paperclip to open it up again. What a brilliant idea to keep it permanently open with a pin. Also very easy to squeeze the glue out because these bottles are made of a softer plastic.

So here are my commissioned cards. These were done for the birthdays of two older ladies. The feedback I got from my mother-in-law who commissioned me, was very positive. The one lady loved her card so much, she wants to frame her card. I really enjoy making cards. It is zero stress, doesn't use up much product and I have the freedom to design whatever I feel is in my heart and hands at that moment.

I was instructed to make a book on the card because the lady loves reading. I decided to use a silhouette of a lady reading instead but then made a little miniature book as well. I cut out her name and made it fall out of the turned out perfect! I used a stamp and gold ink to distress the silhouette and added some flowers and golden pearls to embellish. I also made a box envelope to protect the card. 

For the second card, I was inspired by birds. I have been collecting images of handmade cards with small birds and they are so sweet.

Now that I have the cutting machine I can try these cards at last. I think this one came out pretty good for a first try.

I am on a roll know with these handmade cards. It has been my hobby since childhood, but I really feel like I am finding my own style and I enjoy making them so much. I hope the people who own one of my handmade beauties enjoy them just as much. It is meant to bring joy and love to the one who receives it.

I design these cards according to personalized requests for special occasions like an 80th birthday. I put loads of detail in them. I design according to the client's theme and colour scheme. They cost a little more but can be a gift in itself.

The cards I made for my mom has permanent placing in the dining room. She loves them so much that she cannot bare to put them away. In the next post I will be showing off the ones I made for mother's day and for my parent's 49th wedding anniversary.

Hope you have a blessed week.