Thursday, October 24, 2013

End off year birthdays and celebrations

Hi there lovelies,

This time of the year is very busy as we all know. Everyone is getting ready for all the celebrations. In our family the birthdays start end of September and go on and on until my birthday the day before Christmas. Then we have a two-month break before my hubby's brother has his birthday in February. So, making cards, deciding on gifts and celebrating with small events takes a lot of time and the costs can be daunting in these economic times. I always feel a little stressed out and it creeps up on me before I can make sure I am prepared. Today we celebrated my sister's birthday and I've posted some Instagram pics on facebook. I made a card, a painting and took her for a milkshake. Chocolate of course. Saturday we will have the tea party with some girlfriends. I have something special planned for her and will post it soon. So, to all of you crazy in a frenzy about all the work ahead, remember that it's always a blessing to be able to touch lives with our gifts and talents. Go for it and give it your best.