Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Restoring an old family Bible

Hi there lovelies, 

Today I am sharing with you a little restoration project. My dad gave me this old Bible that belonged to my grandmother on my mother's side. It is over 100 years old. 

I really loved this project. I used elements from my stash that I have saved for a long time. Sometimes it is time to just use it up and give it a permanent home. 

Decorating this Bible, instead of just letting it gather dust on a bookshelf, was such a labour of love for me. I carry both my grandmothers' names and so honouring the faith they proclaimed and the love they had for God's Word, is important to me. 

I used a variety of items. Some chipboard pieces I decorated with gold ink and glitter. I used paper to cover the front cover. I added a ribbon between the two layers of paper so I can keep everything together with a little bow. 

This Bible now has a place of honour in my little display cupboard safely tucked behind glass with all my other treasures like the communion glasses we used at our wedding ceremony. 

'Till next time