Monday, November 25, 2013

2014 Fine Art Calendar now available to order

Hi there lovelies,

My first 14 page (A4 landscape) Fine Art calendar is out. It includes 12 of my favourite
artworks of the past year with an inspirational quote from me. You can also order a set of 12 blank greeting cards (A5 portrait size when folded with envelope) covering the 12 artworks.

Front cover

 Back cover

Page sample

A sample of the greeting cards available in a set of all 12
calendar artworks.

Place your order before 12 December 2013:

Thursday, October 24, 2013

End off year birthdays and celebrations

Hi there lovelies,

This time of the year is very busy as we all know. Everyone is getting ready for all the celebrations. In our family the birthdays start end of September and go on and on until my birthday the day before Christmas. Then we have a two-month break before my hubby's brother has his birthday in February. So, making cards, deciding on gifts and celebrating with small events takes a lot of time and the costs can be daunting in these economic times. I always feel a little stressed out and it creeps up on me before I can make sure I am prepared. Today we celebrated my sister's birthday and I've posted some Instagram pics on facebook. I made a card, a painting and took her for a milkshake. Chocolate of course. Saturday we will have the tea party with some girlfriends. I have something special planned for her and will post it soon. So, to all of you crazy in a frenzy about all the work ahead, remember that it's always a blessing to be able to touch lives with our gifts and talents. Go for it and give it your best.


Thursday, October 10, 2013

"Please sir, 'May' I create some more in 2013!"

Hi there lovelies,

If you are wondering what I have been up to and why I haven't posted anything lately: I've been busy. That's a good sign, right? Well, apart from some health issues, I have really been doing a lot of things like most women do. I have been sorting out my life, documents, cupboards, every nook and cranny. 

I have also been creating art, working on my scrapbook project for this year and event planning and designing for a wedding and a 40th birthday. So, yes, very very busy bee these last couple of months.

 I even went to the Western Cape for a family wedding. I probably would have been able to do even more if it wasn't for a sluggish thyroid. A month ago I found a great doctor near by and he diagnosed my underactive thyroid. Have been on the meds and starting to feel my old self again. Have more energy! WAYYYYY more! So thankful.

So, in coming weeks I will be blogging about all the things I have been up to. One of the projects I'm working on is my scrapbook PROJECT. I call it a 'project' because it's not just scrapbooking. It is trying to make a book of REMEMBRANCE about my life. Something my parents couldn't really do for me. Both hubby and I are turning 40 this year...actually hubby turned 40 in September. So, hence the 40th birthday party. Due to economic restraints, I think everybody feels these days (and teachers in South Africa even more), we combined the celebrations and only had one party. But what a great party it was! I will be sharing a post just on that event. 

Everybody encouraged me to start an event planning business, but I'm not sure if I should put myself out there for that. I have too many ideas about too many things and need to figure out what I want to focus on right now. In the meantime, while waiting for my energy levels to go back to normal (doctor said about six weeks) I am focusing on the Life Scrapbook Project. Play on words a little as I did some research on "how" to scrapbook economically and "fast" and found: PROJECT LIFE! 

I think you are born a scrapbooker. Its who you are to a certain extent and I don't think it's just about being sentimental. It's much more. God has a book of REMEMBRANCE about everything that happens and I think He gives that gift of remembering to certain people. We help remember the good things, the blessings and the flow of life in general. Life is so complicated, chaotic and stressful most of the time that we need some kind of reminder about the blessings along the way, that God is still God, in control and ever providing. What I love about Becky Higgins's way of scrapbooking is that it saves me time to have life and then scrapbook about it. The only problem is I have only now discovered it and have about 40 years worth of scrapbooking to finish! Jikes!!! Ok, I've finished 1973, 1974 and 1975 just about. So 3 down and 37 to go. I also decided to start in 2013 so nearly done with January. Keep in mind I've done a lot of designing for functions and stuff so haven't really gotten round to my "project life" as it were. Now that the big 40 event is done and dusted, I've been on a roll with the scrapbooking again. I've done about 5 double layouts this week only. So proud of myself.

Here is some samples of art I created in May. Still contemplating frames for all of these. (Those economical restraints nagging again)

Above you'll find examples of my official first layouts. Not discovered Project Life yet here. So when I share my project life layouts you'll see the difference. So easy and looks so neat and tidy, much more than my first attempts.

Just a little peak at my wedding project. A designed stationary and wedding decor for a childhood friend who got married to an American in August. Here is a sample of the guestbook I designed for her in the form of project life. I designed a range of cards for this purpose. I will share more on this in another post.

 This is the front page of the scrap/guestbook:

 I also made a little bag for her scrapbook and cards so she can take it with her when she moves to America.

 So that's enough for today. So look out for the next post filled with artwork and creative ideas.

Friday, April 26, 2013

Commissioned Cards and artworks for April 2013

Hi there lovelies,

While designing wedding invites for a friend, I was commissioned to make a special card for a 75th birthday.  The theme: hunting.  Not really my cup of tea so I tried to put a positive spin on it. As we are in Africa, I used animal prints (which I never use as it is not really me) and I am quite satisfied with the outcome.

Then finished this little artwork by adding a little red dotted ribbon as a hanger.

This artwork will also be used in our new mixed media workshop we are planning. I will be teaching at least 3 or 4 little girls like this. I have designed templates that can be used in any size.  Layering with paper, paint and ink, stencilling and stamps and anything you can imagine for that matter.

I love making gifts for my friends and another friend had a birthday in April so I decided to make a little artwork for her and to call it: Gather friends like flowers.  I am into little houses and trees and small landscapes these days and was inspired by a local artist and namesake: Annie's Art  So colourful and simplistic.

Here is my first little landscape:

And this is my latest artwork with some inspiration from Annie's Art: I added a little black and white ribbon as a hanger with a little paper rose to finish it off. This was the gift for my friends April Birthday.

"Gather friends like flowers"

and a little card for the birthday girl:

Thursday, March 7, 2013

The internal and eternal Creative Process

Hello lovelies,

Today I am forcing myself to write here again.  It seems that life happens so fast around me and I am the sort that dream and think up great ideas, test them in my mind and sometimes on paper or my laptop, research for hours while life swooshes past. It's like time stands still for me when I'm in this mode...this creative mode. In between, I read other blogs from other artist's and it seems that I am not unique in this experience.  Tooooooo many ideas and soooooo little time. 

In my last post I promised great new things on this blog..well, it may not be on the blog yet but its definitely in my head and hands as we speak. 

First off I have been creating cards throughout. Some for special occasions like valentines and some just for fun.  If you check my facebook page Art by Ansu, you will find images there.  I find it easier to post to Facebook as things happen than to create a blog post. It doesn't really give me the freedom of quick pic uploads. 

Here is a little card I designed for someone at hubby's work:

This girl is leaving her job, getting married and they were organizing a Madhatter's tea party for her.  So, incorporated all three things in the "book" card.  I digitally designed the card, printed it on plain white card stock and then glued the pages to each other. I included a little pocket with a card inside with a quote from Alice in Wonderland and then embellished it with little flowers on the front and washi tape. It has a layered look as I use a layering technique in Corel Draw. She loved her card so I'm told.

The other people commented that I should do weddings as I am good at this. Maybe someday I will. 

Then suddenly one of my friends in the UK announced that she was getting married! I volunteered to help and do her invites and such.  At the moment I am totally engrossed in the research process and design of the event...and she didn't even ask me to be. The fact that I am loving every minute of it and would do it for free says it all.  I should do this for a living as they say: Do what you love what you do.  I have been thinking about my art and how I could employ it to create an income for myself and others...this has occupied my thoughts for more than 5 years.  I really would like to take action now.  Just dreaming does not bring the bacon home.  There are so many ideas, but I love designing anything and everything. Combining interior decorating, decor design, function planning, graphic design and making people happy, would just be lovely.  I also have a couple of spiritual gifts that I would like to incorporate to the honour of God as He is the source of all this creativity.  So, as a Christian who believes we are living in the end times and Jesus will come for His bride soon, this would make sense and add purpose to my current existence: helping to prepare His bride, one little bride at a time.  How about that. I'm thinking of small budget weddings but in the small budget, I include amazing wonderful little blessings of God and His Word...He is after all the cornerstone of every marriage...well, He should be.  I have been praying that He would show me how to honour Him in this very crazy world of ours.  With economies unstable, leaders coming and going, technology taking over our brains, focusing on the beauty of life, the simple things of love and marriage and family...relationship...the very things we were created for, I think I could be an instrument to bring hope and happiness into the craziness of life as we know it.

Well, the internal and eternal creative process will continue but for now, I have spilled it over on to this page.

I don't know where I will begin but at the moment if my friend can humour my eagerness to help her with her wedding planning, I could test if I still have it.  The last wedding I did was 5 years own. 

Then finding new clients who would employ me, would be the challenge.  So, spread the word.

Small Chic and Rustic Events for the Romantic Soul..on a shoestring budget of course!

Buzzy bee buzzing off...

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

A new year and a new challenge each day! 2013

Dear all,

Thanks for visiting. This year things are going to change and grow on this blog like crazy! Colourful explosions of art and ideas will be posted here often.  We start off the year with a "Photo-a-day" challenge and a freebie give-a-way! Interested???  Share this blog with all your friends and help me spread the word!

Together with Surita, my sister and best bud, we are doing the "Photo-a-day" challenge for January and so far things are going well. You can play tooooooo!  fatmumslim

Here is the link for the challenge:

My efforts so far ....

I got so excited with it all that it ended up being collage-a-day instead of just one pic...I'm promising myself not to overdo the rest of this month's pics.  Just ONE a day!

You can also follow my sister's blog and her 'photo-a-day' images:

The Freebie

Then to liven up the new year even further, I would like to introduce my first freebie competition.  Share my blog with as many friends as possible.  They have to leave a comment including your name and email address.  The person with the most comments will win a free fine art calendar for 2013 in PDF format (for personal use only).  You can print them out and give them as small gifts but you may not give away the PDF.  Just my way of getting more people involved in what this blog will be up to this year.

We are planning lots of new fine art paintings, markets, two exhibitions, tea parties and craft events and workshops.  We would love to make new friends and fellow queen beez on our way to flying high with our talents this year.  So please share with like-minded ladies who love the Lord and want to live out there art for Him.

'Till next time!