Friday, April 26, 2019

Mixed Media Face

Hi there lovelies,

A little over a year ago I started following a wonderful lady called Marta over on Youtube. What I love the most about her is her lovely positive attitude and the creativity that flows from her hands constantly.

I have watched loads of her videos just because it was so much fun. She does actually encourage you to be creative with her while watching her videos, so in the end, she got me going in my art journal again. I created a little art journal spread, playing around with some ideas and incorporated what I had learned from her. I have done a couple more since then, but this was the first one. I just love the fact that you can learn so much from just one art journal spread.

Art journaling is all about experimenting. It is not about creating a masterpiece. It is not about being perfect or creating a designer entry. It is about PLAY! And that is just what I did here. I played and had so much fun. Once you reach that point of "Creative Bliss" and forget about being perfect or impressing someone, that is your moment...your "art moment".

If you haven't yet tried art journaling, why not give it a go. It is very therapeutic but also educational. You can test out ideas, products and elements like new stamps or stencils and so much more.