Friday, July 7, 2017

How sketching can be good for you

Hi there lovelies,

Today I am sharing this little sketch with you. 

The story behind it:
Just before I created this sketch, I went through a difficult and challenging season (still ongoing).  I didn't do any art prior to this for a long while because I was afraid that what I went through would reflect in my art. As my slogan indicates it is important to me that my art shines light and love into the world. I believe that was God's purpose in making me the way I am. To honour and glorify Him. 

I also wanted my art to have a more natural flow to it and not to be too rigid. At one point I just grabbed a piece of white cardstock and I doodled this little girl on it. I really loved how she turned out. I loved the peacefulness of her face and the colours that showed the light was still there. 

I shared this story and artwork with someone at one of my workshops and she commented that she could see the emotional turmoil in it too though. I wonder if I didn't say anything about what I was going through prior to me creating this artwork if she would have noticed that part at all. This artwork made me happy. It showed me that my art wasn't affected at all and that my spirit was as strong as ever and even stronger than before.

I guess it is all about the personal experience and journey an not as much about what others think or perceive of what you share and tell them.  

Light still shining

'Till next time