Thursday, February 1, 2018

Travel notebooks - my new thing!

Hi there lovelies,

I have found a really easy way of journaling and keeping up with my scrapbooking. Planning things out and writing my story in these little books, have given me such joy and I plan to do loads more of these projects.

The following ideas can help you fill these books:

  1. Listing - just making lists in these books as you think of projects and all those "good ideas" you want to remember.
  2. Project Life - keeping up with scrapbooking in these books are just so easy. 
  3. Using up your stash - just decorating TN's for later use is a hobby in itself.
  4. Prayer and Bible journaling - I do this a lot in these
  5. Using them as planners
  6. Using them as mini art journals or for doodling
  7. Gift books - filling them with quotes and little treasures and then gifting it to someone makes for a very personal love gift.  

Leave me a comment if you can think of more ideas for these little books.

Products used: Love Collection Ivytree Studio

'Till next time