Thursday, April 22, 2010

What is our goal?

Getting involved in the card making industry (still a very large industry worldwide…more than 200 printed cards are sold every hour) and home crafts industry:

Making designer cards and handmade cards using all types of medium including paper art, stamping/scrapbooking, painting/drawing with all types of medium, photography and any other mediums for all occasions.

Putting together unique Recipe books with healthy ideas for healthy living.

Homemade Gluten and sugar free foods and snacks.

Beaded crafts

Textiles (designing our own and making useful products with it)

Eg Aprons, place mats and serviettes, table cloths

Any other creative crafts you can think of sold under one umbrella. 

If you have a creative idea, lets make it work for you.  The idea is to get women together and as a group we will be stronger and more marketable.  If I have an idea and you have and idea we each have one idea. But if we share our ideas we have more than we need to make a success of it.  We become a community of women who support and encourage each other in difficult times and we help each other survive and thrive.

Become a designer for Ivytree Creative Community and be part of something great that can touch lives.  We want to design our own products, teach others who doesn't have the skills to do the same, earn income to feed our families, grow as women and look after those who are less fortunate than us.
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